Deposit Form (Blank)

This form should be used by the chairperson of each event. Turn the completed form in to Debbie Kucharcyzk with the money/checks to deposit. Checks all need to be listed on there individually, and you can use additional pages if you have a lot of checks.

Reimbursement Form

Please fill out this form and turn in to Debbie Kucharcyzk for expenses incurred. Expenses must be pre-approved by Alison Redling and/or Debbie Kucharcyzk.

Grants Form (To be added soon)

For teachers only. Please submit form to the PTA mailbox.

Volunteer Sign Up 

We are actively seeking volunteers and chairs and co-chairs for events listed in the form. Please contact Cherilyn Deutchman at for more info.

Membership Form 

It's never too late to join and support your school's PTA. We accept memberships all year long. Once your membership form is received, your provided email address will be added to our roster for Newsletters and other communication purposes. Please contact Zakiya Davidson at with questions.

Annual Calendar of Events

Keep track of upcoming events with the list of important dates each month. *Please note dates are subject to change and will be announced in the Newsletter email for any changes.*

If you would like to suggest Forms to be added here, please email Theresa Han at

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